Saturday, May 16, 2009

MeXiCaN FoLk ArT~RoMy~Paintings~Painting~Collectible~Old Mexico~Market Day~Mercado Dia~Village~Talavera Pottery~Southwest~Artwork~Collection~Collect

Hola! Good to see you! Hope everyone in Blogland has been having a great day! I worked this afternoon on my 3-panelled wooden screen ~ cleaning it up and sanding a few of the rough edges ~ getting it ready to paint a series of Don Quixote scenes on it! I am eager to start ~ what fun!!
Meantime, I'd like to share this Market Day painting with you....hope you like it! To see more photos and read a full description please follow the link above to my ebay auction!
Artist's Quote for the day: To paint a fine picture is far more important than to sell it. -- Edward Alden Jewell

Tree of Life~Crows~Birds~MeXiCaN FoLk ArT~RoMy Painting

Hola! Good to see you! I finished my "Tree of Life" painting ~ hope you enjoy it! It is listed on ebay auction if anyone is interested in seeing more photos ~ just follow the link over there! A very low reserve on this piece, too!
Now I am ready to start my next Don Quixote, which I decided to do on the old 3-panelled wooden screen I picked up on my scavenger hunt in Old Mexico!
I have a good bit of prep work to do on the screen before I actually begin painting, so that will keep me busy most of the morning....
Anyone in blogland ever been to the Starlight Dinner Theatre in Terlingua Ghost Town? It's a great restaurant housed in a very old adobe building that used to be a movie theatre back in the days when mining kept the village alive. To see Terlingua Ghost Town today, it is really hard to imagine it ever had a community large enough to support a movie theatre! Anyways, it is a restaurant oozing with personality & excellent food! Last night my sweetie took me there for supper and it was such fun! Good food, good music, good company, good time!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! And here's the artist quote for the day: All the good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow. -- Grant Wood
Painting Description:
This Mexican Folk Art Painting titled "Tree of Life" is a beautiful mixture of colours, swirling leaves, and flowers. Beneath the tree are two black crows. Each hill and casa is a different colour. The background is the morning sun on the rise.
Lots of turquoise, blue, green, yellow, gold, purple, red and black ~ this piece will look great with most any room's color scheme! This original work of art will add a touch of the Southwest and Old Mexico to anyone's casa ~ or office work place.
Why not add this beautiful piece to your collection of Mexican Folk Art! Or start a collection (if you haven't already) as Mexican Folk Art is quite popular now ~ and increasing in value with time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Pasqual Bailon~KiTcHeN Saint~Mexican FoLk ArT~RoMy

San Pasqual Bailon~KiTcHeN Saint~Mexican FoLk ArT~RoMy

San Pasqual Bailon-Kitchen Saint-Mexican Folk Art-RoMy Painting-Collectible Artwork

Hola! Glad you dropped by! I finished my "Tree of Life" painting and tomorrow I'll have photos posted....Now I am ready to start my next "Don Quixote" piece! I am looking so forward to spending some more time wrapped up in the world and adventures of Don Quixote!!

This evening to share with you I have a very whimsical painting of the kitchen saint San Pasqual Bailon. The translation for the Spanish lettering on this piece reads: "I make the stew and you add the seasoning." The kitchen saint is one of my favorites (along with St. Francis!) ~ and a must have for any home's kitchen!

There is even a sweet little grey tabby cat with a bowl of milk in this work of art ~ and the fire is already hot on the stove ~ San Pasqual Bailon is blessing all the vegetables about to go into the cook pot ~ and there's pots and skillets on the wall. Also lots of colour in this kitchen with gold, yellow, coral, turquoise, blue and red.

This piece has such a sweet aura to it ~ and will surely add a charming touch to any casa! And what a great addition to the rest of your collection of "tiny tins" ~ which I have several of at my ebay auction this week! Please take a few moments to go there and have a looksy!

Muchas Gracias for your time, have a great evening & here is the artist quote for the day: The artist is a perceptual window. -- Jack Chambers

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mexican Folk Art Paintings-Painting-RoMy-Original Artwork-Border of Old Mexico-Terlingua Art Studio-Big Bend National Park-Texas-Terlingua Ghost Town

CaTRiNa~Day of the Dead~MeXiCaN FoLk ArT~RoMy Painting

Hola! Good to see you! In my estudio today I painted some on my "Tree of Life" ~ it is so detailed ~ may be a few days more in finishing. Then I will start a new "Don Quixote" piece. Originally I had planned to do him on another large canvas ~ and I still might....but awhile back I was on a "scavenger hunt" in Old Mexico and came across a wonderful old wooden screen with three panels (used for privacy in the bedroom ~ stand behind it to dress and/or undress) and I immediately purchased it! I knew I would eventualy paint something on it. This morning I thought how neat it would be to paint several scenes on it from the novel of Don Quixote....

Anyways, I have a La Catrina painting I'd like to share with you this evening, until I finish my Tree of Life.

And the artist quote for the day is: Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization. -- Lincoln Steffens

Have a great evening! RoMy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tree of Life-Mexican Folk Art RoMy-Paintings-Painting-Original Artwork-Southwest Collection-Collectible-Collector-Border of Old Mexico-Terlingua Art

Hola! Glad to see you! Today I worked on my newest painting ~ a Mexican Folk Art "Tree of Life." I love painting the Tree of Life because they are so very colourful! And so meaningful! Representative of the connectedness of us all. I believe we are really connected on some level just as surely as we are connected today via the internet ~ one giant web!

It will still be awhile before the Tree of Life is finished ~ lots of very intricate detail in this piece. Then I may do another "Don Quixote." I was going to do one after my last one, but I felt an urge to do a smaller piece before jumping into another huge painting. The Don Quixote I just finished is almost 4 feet x 3 feet ~ really quite a large canvas to cover! My Tree of Life is only 20 x 16. I love painting different size paintings from the smallest to the largest ~ it keeps me flexible! It's good to switch the sizes around I think.

Well, in closing here's my Artist Quote for the day: Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -- Pablo Picasso

Muchas Gracias for dropping by & have a great evening!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Desert Serenade-Mexican Folk Art RoMy-Paintings-Painting-Original-Old Mexico Border-Terlingua Art Studio-Big Bend National Park-Collectible-Southwest

My items on eBay

Hola! This is just one of the Southwest ~ Mexican Folk Art paintings I have available right now on ebay! I hope you will like it! I always love to paint the pretty senoritas! And the desert!

To me the desert is such a magical and wonderful place to live. I am always in awe of the desert wildlife and desert plants that can not only survive ~ but thrive! ~ in the desert. Even in the hottest days of relentless summer heat the jack rabbits, the roadrunners, the coyotes, the javelina and the snakes ~ just to name a few of the inhabitants here ~ still go about their business of simply enjoying being alive! The rabbits eagerly chase one another like children playing, the male roadrunner pursues the female with the love offering of a tasty lizard dangling from his long beak, the coyotes sing till the wee hours of the morn, a lone javelina finds his way through the watergap in my fence to graze on this side of the border, and the snakes gather with all these critters at the dutch ovens I keep filled with fresh water for all to partake of. Some folks think the desert is hell ~ others think it is heaven. I call it heaven! And I believe all the critters that live here call it heaven, too! But it is really all a matter of perspective. All of us have our own "viewfinder" that colours the world in which we live....

Well enough rambling! Please take a moment to see my "Desert Serenade" and in closing here's the Artist Quote for the day: Art, like morality, exists in drawing the line somewhere. -- G.K. Chesterton

"Desert Serenade" is a beautiful blending of southwest colour ~ gorgeous mountains ~ and tiny stars ~ in shades of blue and turquoise, and just a sliver of a pink moon. Sitting in the windowsill is a beautiful senorita wearing a lovely dress in a soft shade of lavender ~ and a small cross necklace. Beside her is a gorgeous pot of calla lillies. Outside beneath the moon and stars, next to the saquaro and prickly pear cactus ~ a gold colored coyote serenades the senorita ~ and the moon ~ with a song.