Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Pasqual Bailon-Kitchen Saint-Mexican Folk Art-RoMy Painting-Collectible Artwork

Hola! Glad you dropped by! I finished my "Tree of Life" painting and tomorrow I'll have photos posted....Now I am ready to start my next "Don Quixote" piece! I am looking so forward to spending some more time wrapped up in the world and adventures of Don Quixote!!

This evening to share with you I have a very whimsical painting of the kitchen saint San Pasqual Bailon. The translation for the Spanish lettering on this piece reads: "I make the stew and you add the seasoning." The kitchen saint is one of my favorites (along with St. Francis!) ~ and a must have for any home's kitchen!

There is even a sweet little grey tabby cat with a bowl of milk in this work of art ~ and the fire is already hot on the stove ~ San Pasqual Bailon is blessing all the vegetables about to go into the cook pot ~ and there's pots and skillets on the wall. Also lots of colour in this kitchen with gold, yellow, coral, turquoise, blue and red.

This piece has such a sweet aura to it ~ and will surely add a charming touch to any casa! And what a great addition to the rest of your collection of "tiny tins" ~ which I have several of at my ebay auction this week! Please take a few moments to go there and have a looksy!

Muchas Gracias for your time, have a great evening & here is the artist quote for the day: The artist is a perceptual window. -- Jack Chambers