Monday, April 19, 2010

NR Desert Casa Pot Birds MeXiCaN FoLk ArT RoMy Painting

Buenos Dias, Mi Amigos! Muchos gracias for stopping by mi estudio in Terlingua, Tx along the border of Old Mexico near the Big Bend National Park ~ here is my newest painting titled "Desert Casa" ~ available now on ebay with a low opening bid of .99 cents and Never a Reserve!

Have a magnifico day! RoMy

Southwest ~ Mexican Folk Art ~ RoMy Original Paintings
Title: "Desert Casa"
Size: Approx. 6 1/4" x 6" (painted on thin TIN)
Hola! Muchos Gracias for stopping by my Terlingua Art Studio near Terlingua Ghost Town & Big Bend National Park (Texas) along the border of Old Mexico! For your consideration today I am offering this original painting with NO RESERVE:
It's a gorgeous morning in Old Mexico ~ and these precious little baby birds ~ and Mama ~ are enjoying their "Desert Casa" ~
The two babies ~ nesting in this lovely clay pot ~ are hungry & ready for desayuno! Perched atop the cactus not far away is Mama who hears their cry for breakfast! No doubt she will soon be combing the desert for a tasty worm or bug for these wee ones of hers!
Many lovely flowers in this piece along with desert ocotillo ~~~
This whimsical painting is a highly collectible piece of Mexican Folk Art for all you collectors! It will add an extra special touch to the decor of any casa! Or office workplace!
This is a sweet little painting with lots of Old Mexico FiEsTa colours ~ turquoise, green, purple, burnt orange, coral, and gold! Enough colours to match the colour scheme of any casa! Also this would look nice in a Mexican restaurant, too!


This Mexican folk art painting is an ORIGINAL work of art, brightly painted with acrylics on a piece of thin TIN which makes it especially charming & folk artsy (tin is a most popular "canvas" to paint on in Old Mexico) Also, this piece, which is approx. 6 1/4" x 6", has been finished with several coats of non-yellowing acrylic enamel to protect and enhance its beauty for years to come. Ordinarily when I paint one of these "tins" I punch a hole in it so that it is ready to hang ~ however, this time I decided to leave the choice to you, the buyer, to decide how to display your new artwork! This tin can be displayed just as it is by placing it on a small easel, or propped against a fireplace mantle, a window sill, a bookshelf, etc. You could even attach a picture hanger hook on back ~ or with a hammer and a nail, just punch a small hole at the top ~ or perhaps two (one on each side). You could then mount it directly to the wall ~ or make a nice hanger for it with wire or raffia or ribbon! Or attach a magnet to the back (no glue needed) and this tin will stick to your refrigerator, file cabinet ~ or anything metal! Lots of ideas for you to choose from. And of course you can always frame it! Plus ~ because it is painted on tin it will make great outdoor decor too! The front of this painting is signed by the artist, and the back is signed, titled and dated (2010).
This tin is nice displayed by itself ~ or in a collection! (just as they decorate their casa in Old Mexico ~ tins all over the walls!)
Also these make a wonderful gift!!
The artist ~ RoMy ~ that's me! I live on the border between Texas and Mexico ~ near the Big Bend National Park ~ a few miles from Terlingua Ghost Town ~ and I love the history and culture of this area ~ a raw, still quite primitive land ~ a desert land where "rainbows wait for rain." The last few photos in this description show my outdoor studio which faces Santa Elena Canyon and the Rio Grande, the natural border between Old Mexico and Texas ~ and it is from this primitive setting ~ 80 miles from town ~ that I find most of my inspiration for painting. (in the photos Mexico is on the left side of the river and Texas is on the right)
I enjoyed the visit ~ Gracias! And, please, while you are here take a moment to
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Adios Amigo! I hope you enjoyed your visit to my estudio ~ and please do stop in again sometime to see what I have been painting! My Welcome Sign is always out for you! Every week I list new items with a low starting bid of .99 cents & No Reserve!
Via Con Dios!