Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Bend~Tx~Canyon~River~MeXiCaN FoLk ArT~RoMy Painting

Hola ~ from "Where Rainbows Wait for Rain" ~ Big Bend National Park area ~ Texas ~ on the border of Old Mexico ~

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day holiday ~ and I'm so glad you dropped by my estudio this day! I finished my latest painting titled "Moonlight Border Crossing" ~ please take a moment to view it ~ and later this week I'll finish another painting of an abandoned church in La Linda, Mexico ~ so be sure and check back to see photos of it!

Here is the next entry in Peter Koch's 1945 Diary: (to read this diary from the start please refer to the post of September 3, 2009)

April 10th

Went down to the lower part of Camp and on from there to creek intersection - checked on my old nest locations and found my cactus wren still on nest.

The white winged dove of which I saw on 4 had moved down creek further and are now in vicinity of the Giant Dagger on trail. There were none noted in the little canyon or east side of Mt. Bailey.

On returning found - Drs. Schmidt, Taylor, Presnall, MacDougall, had returned from a trip into upper Mexico - across the Del Carmen area. Camping beside our trailer. We spent a very pleasant evening together and compared notes on snakes & bats.

End of Day's Diary Entry

Muchos Gracias for the visit ~ and have a FUN Day! RoMy

Big Bend~Tx~Canyon~River~MeXiCaN FoLk ArT~RoMy Painting


Southwest ~ Mexican Folk Art Painting ~ RoMy Original

Title: "Moonlight Border Crossing"

Size: 40"x32" ~ AWESOME SIZE CANVAS!!!

Hola! Muchos Gracias for stopping by my Terlingua Art Studio near Terlingua Ghost Town & Big Bend National Park (Texas) along the border of Old Mexico! For your consideration today I am offering this original painting:


One moonlit evening around the midnight hour ~ sitting quietly on the bank of the Rio Grande ~ enjoying a beautiful full moon and the soothing sound of the river rippling through Santa Elena Canyon ~ I heard a light rustling in the brush from the Mexico side of the river ~ the brush parted and a donkey carrying two young vaqueros riding double stepped into the river and started toward the Texas side where I was watching in surprise ~ as yet unnoticed by any of the three. About midway one of the young men suddenly glanced in my direction as though he knew they were being observed ~ he looked startled ~ and no doubt so did I! But then ~ feeling no sense of threat from these two young vaqueros ~ I offered a smile along with a blessing, "Via Con Dios" ~ as their donkey stepped out of the river onto the Texas side of the border ~ and still smiling ~ and watching ~ as they rode away on their late night journey of adventure ~ I knew that someday I would paint this piece titled "Moonlight Border Crossing" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a VERY LARGE work of art ~ almost 4 feet high! And nearly 3 feet wide! It measures 40"x32" and will spendidly decorate any wall on which it is placed ~ whether it is in your casa ~ or place of work. This fabulous folk art painting will be a focal point and a special addition to the collection of artwork in any home ~ or Mexican restaurant! It is a perfect size to place over a fireplace, dining table, couch, bed, desk or in a grand hallway. Also, there are so many colours in this piece (turquoise, blue, gold, purple, coral & red) that it will easily go with most any colour scheme!

What a great opportunity this is for the right buyer to add to his or her collection of Mexican Folk Art! And a perfect time to start a collection (if you haven't already) as Mexican Folk Art is quite popular now ~ and increasing in value with time.

Please Note: Colours may vary according to different computer monitors.



This Mexican Folk Art painting is an ORIGINAL work of art, brightly painted with acrylics on gallery-wrapped, professionally stretched canvas measuring 40" x 32". This premier frame is also cross braced and has sturdy, precisely tailored corners and the canvas is tight with clean, staple-free edges ~ all four sides are painted ~ this piece can be beautifully displayed as quickly as you receive it!. There is a hanger on the back - when you receive this artwork all you need to do is place it in your special area! Also, this piece has been finished with several coats of non-yellowing acrylic varnish to protect and enhance its beauty for many years to come.


The front of this painting is signed by the artist and the back is also signed, dated (2009) and titled. By the way the artist "Romy" - that's me! I live on the border between Texas and Old Mexico ~ near the Big Bend National Park ~ a few miles from Terlingua Ghost Town ~ and I love the history and culture of this area ~ a raw, still quite primitive land ~ a desert land where "rainbows wait for rain." The last few photos in this description show my outdoor studio which faces Santa Elena Canyon and the Rio Grande, the natural border between Old Mexico and Texas ~ and it is from this primitive setting ~ 80 miles from town ~ that I find most of my inspiration for painting. (in the photos Mexico is on the left side of the river and Texas is on the right)

I enjoyed the visit ~ Gracias! And, please, while you are here take a moment to View My Other Items For Sale ~ Presently, at eBay auction I have several large paintings this same size. I also have a variety of other sizes painted on canvas, tin, ceramic tile and wood. Lots of subjects: Saint Francis (patron of peace & animals), St. Therese, San Pascual Bailon (patron of cooks and most popularly known as the "kitchen saint"), Virgen de Guadalupe, Don Quixote, Tree of Life, Mexican Exvoto Retablo, Sacred Heart Milagro, Santos, Saints, Mexico Village setting, Market Day scene, Day of the Dead, Senorita portrait, figures, burro, abstract, desert landscape, cactus, seascape, angels, animals, floral & many more!

If you are an avid collector of Mexican Folk Art paintings ~ Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) ~ Mexican Exvoto Retablos ~ Latin American/Spanish Folk Art ~ and Southwest Folk Art ~ please Add me to your Favorite Sellers as I specialize in these areas.

Paypal only, thank you. This painting will be shipped via UPS Ground. I schedule shipment the next business day following receipt of payment. All my paintings are packaged with the greatest of care ~ and I am always happy to combine shipping for multiple purchases!

View My About Me page to read my bio!

Adios Amigo

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my estudio! And please do drop by again sometime soon ~ my door is always open and you are always welcome!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1945 Diary Big Bend National Park Texas Mexican Folk Art RoMy,Paintings,Painting,Desert,Santa Elena Canyon,Photographer,Photography,Mexico,Hot Spring

Hola ~ Another gorgeous start to the day here in the Big Bend National Park area! Woke up at 2:30 A.M. ~ the sound of the rain so hard it raised me from a deep sleep! I drifted off and woke again around 3:30 ~ still raining but more gently. It's 6:30 now and still too dark to walk out and check the rain gauge ~ will take a look after sunrise ~~~

Hope everyone had a spectacular Labor Day weekend! Labor Day always marks the end of Summer for most folks ~ but Summer here in the desert along the Rio Grande lasts a long time! Our only really cold months are December & January ~ if you can even call our weather "cold" then! I wear shorts up till Thanksgiving or later and have them back on again come February ~ and I love it! I'd wear shorts, t-shirts and my huaraches all year long if I weren't so susceptible to the cooler temperature ~~~

I have finished my painting of Santa Elena Canyon and the vaqueros crossing the Rio Grande from the Mexico side over to Texas and the title is "Moonlight Border Crossing" ~ I'll have photos later today or tomorrow morning ~

Here is the next entry to Peter Koch's 1945 Diary (if you'd like to read it from the start please refer back to the post of September 3,2009

April 5th

Stopped at the Morris Ranch with Senter and Linder - at beginning of his road at junction with 227 saw a yellow headed black bird - solitary bird not easily frightened and feeding under mesquite.

End of Day's Diary Entry

This was a more brief entry than Peter's usual ~ maybe I'll combine two entries in the future when one is so short....

Muchos Gracias for stopping by & please visit again soon! RoMy

Monday, September 7, 2009

1945 Diary Big Bend National Park Texas Mexican Folk Art RoMy,Paintings,Painting,Desert,Santa Elena Canyon,Photographer,Photography,Mexico,Hot Springs

Hola ~ I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend! If you are spending it here in the Big Bend National Park area I know you are enjoying our weather so cool these past few days ~ and scattered with rains! This is one of my favourite times of the year here in Big Bend ~ when Fall is on the wake of Summer. After a chili-pepper hot summer these days are a like a Dairy Queen Icecream Treat!

Here is the next entry in Peter's Diary (and please refer to September 3, 2009 post if you'd like to read it from the start as well as an explanation back of it)

1945 Diary Entry by Peter Koch

Sat March 31 -

Cloudy - Rain

Rain began early this a.m. - and continued thruout the day - intermittant rain - hail. In a very short time the ground was soggy and the loose rocks began shifting when walked upon - the dust that has been so heavy during the last few days finally settled and now the scenery is once again clear and bright -

End of this day's diary post.

I've finished my painting of Santa Elena Canyon with the vaqueros crossing the Rio Grande ~ and will try and post a photo of it later today or tomorrow ~ please check back if you'd like to see it!

Have fun today!! RoMy

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1945 Diary Big Bend National Park Texas Mexican Folk Art RoMy,Paintings,Painting,Desert,Santa Elena Canyon,Photographer,Photography,Mexico,Hot Spring

Hola ~ I am nearly finished with my painting of Santa Elena Canyon and the vaqueros crossing the Rio Grande & hope to have photos of it maybe early this week ~

What spectacular weather we have been blessed with here in the Big Bend National Park area! Nights cool enough to sleep with open windows ~ no air conditioning! I just love it!! And the moon last night ~ shining across the desert ~ magnifico! This morning the coyotes singing outside my window woke me from a sound sleep ~ ~ ~

Here's the next entry from Peter's diary (to read from the start of this diary please see September 3, 2009)

Friday, March 30th

Saw the first hummingbird today, as it protested my entering a canyon we call the Cathedral. I was however unable to identify this bird because of the rapid flight and my own precarious balance on the talus slope.

The trip, made for the purpose of seeing if any eggs had been laid in the nest under a rock at a point half way up the "figures" of the "novitiates" - resulted in finding no eggs. The nest seemed more complete however as though it has been used - Saw only one hawk and it seemed in no way excited - Three vultures circled overhead and except that they circled as vultures will - there was no indication that any seemed concerned about my presence - the only one worried at all was the canyon wren that once more broadcast his alarm and then tossed it lightly aside by "running the scales" so light and airy as usual.

There are some excellent agaves starting to bloom - the show should be a spetacular one - due to a concentration of bloomstalks in certain desirable areas.

End of the day's diary entry.

Hope you enjoyed your time here & please stop by for more of Peter's diary tomorrow ~ before leaving please take a moment to visit my newest artwork on ebay! And have a great day! RoMy