Thursday, January 7, 2010

NR! Virgen de Guadalupe Retablo MeXiCaN FoLk ArT RoMy

Muchos gracias for stopping by mi estudio in Terlingua, Texas to see what I've been painting! Here is my latest retablo dedicated to the Virgen de Guadalupe ~ it is available at my .99 cent No Reserve auction on ebay!

Have a beautiful day! RoMy


Mexican Folk Art ~ RoMy Original Paintings

Mexican Ex-voto Retablo Dedicated to Virgen de Guadalupe

Size: Approx. 7 1/2" x 8" (painted on thin TIN ~ tiny nail hole already punched ~ ready to hang!)
Muchos Gracias for dropping by my Terlingua Art Estudio near the Big Bend National Park in Texas ~ today for your consideration I am offering this original retablo with NO RESERVE:

This Mexican Ex-voto Retablo is dedicated to the Virgen de Guadalupe and the translation of the story written in Spanish is: "Therese gives thanks to the Virgen de Guadalupe for her safe watch over them always."
This prayer is said as Mama tucks her wee ones into bed for the night ~ Paco, Pedro, Patrice & Petra ~~~ Pedro is already fast asleep but the other children are still awake but only just barely!

Mexican Ex-voto retablos offer a prayer and a thanksgiving from one who prays to a particular saint for some special act of deliverance from harm or for protection or healing or blessing in their life and the lives of their loved ones. Today, ex-voto retablos are sought after and displayed in groups in a special area of the home ~ though they were once most often taken to the church to be left at the altar.
What a wonderful time to start your own collection of Mexican Exvoto Retablos ~ which are sure to increase in value with time! And what a charming touch of the Mexican tradition this one will add to the decor any home ~ or office workplace ~ and put a smile in the heart of anyone who loves Old Mexico!
The colours in this piece ~ yellow, gold, blue, turquoise, green, purple, red, pink, coral, and burnt orange ~ are very vibrant ~ & the characters are delightfully whimsical! Also there is much intricate detail ~ a hanging basket with flowers ~ a tiny candle on the windowsill ~ a clay pot with paper mache flowers ~ a ceramic pitcher on the table beneath the window ~ a lovely woven rug ~ an extra blanket (hand-made by Mama) at the foot of the bed in case the children get cold in the night ~ and a sliver of a moon and a sprinkling of stars!
This Mexican folk art painting is an ORIGINAL work of art, brightly painted with acrylics on a piece of thin TIN, which is a very popular "canvas" to paint on in Old Mexico, and adds much charm to this artwork! Also, this piece, which is approx. 7 1/2" x 8", has been finished with a non-yellowing acrylic enamel to protect and enhance its beauty for years to come. There is already a tiny nail hole punched in the top so that it can be immediately displayed once you receive it! The front of this painting is signed by the artist and dated (2010).

The artist ~ RoMy ~ that's me! I live on the border between Texas and Mexico ~ near the Big Bend National Park ~ a few miles from Terlingua Ghost Town ~ and I love the history and culture of this area ~ a raw, still quite primitive land ~ a desert land where "rainbows wait for rain." The last few photos in this description show my outdoor studio which faces Santa Elena Canyon and the Rio Grande, the natural border between Old Mexico and Texas ~ and it is from this primitive setting ~ 80 miles from town ~ that I find most of my inspiration for painting. (in the photos Mexico is on the left side of the river and Texas is on the right)

I enjoyed the visit ~ Gracias! And, please, while you are here take a moment to
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Adios! I hope you enjoyed your visit to my estudio ~ and please drop by again sometime soon to see what I have been painting! My Welcome Sign is always out for you! Every week I list new items with a low starting bid of .99 cents and No Reserve!
Via Con Dios!